About Me

Why hello there, and welcome to my personal website! So, where to start? I will try to make this pretty easy to read and hopefully not too terribly boring :P

My name is Christopher Alan Stanley, and I have a Masters in Computer Science with a focus in Cyber Security. Fancy eh? Well, it all started when I was a kid. Growing up, my parents were definitely not the "sporty" type. My dad, at the time, worked for the state doing some IT stuff. We could call him a GEEK, but it wouldn't do him justice! He is a brilliant individual and as such, tried to teach me all that he could. Instead of passing the football out back like a "normal" family, we resorted to hacking away on the computer and writing code. I specifically remember at one point we made our own Space Invaders game in Visual Basic 6. Cool right? I mean, who do you know can say they made a Space Invaders game at age ~10? Haha, in any case that event really was the spark of my interest in the field I am currently pursuing.

Let's fast forward about 10 years to when I completed my first College Degree. I received an Associate in Applied Science with a focus on Computer Networking. This was around the time when I started my own company Stanley Networks, LLC. At that point, I was extremely interested in Computer Networking and all the fun aspects that came with it.

A few years later when I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Applied Information Technologies; I realized that I wanted to go in a different direction career wise and shifted my focus to UNIX/Linux Administration. Half way through the masters program I received my first contract as a Cyber Security Consultant for Baptist Health Hospital. I was tasked with securing their Apache web servers and patching their RedHat Enterprise Linux boxes. I worked there full-time for about a year before I was offered another contract with the State Government as a UNIX Systems Architect. My role throughout the years has encompassed many different jobs. Let me explain - After about a year of working with strictly RedHat, Solaris, and AIX I ventured over to the Enterprise Storage Team to offer my services. It was during this time where I started taking lead roles on architectural design and implementations. Whether it be architecting a Hadoop platform for the Department of Transportation to track salt, designing a clustered Splunk infrastructure to ingest state-wide data for analytics and security, or leading a proof-of-concept for the scale-out storage solution Ceph.

During my last year at the Commonwealth I participated in helping migrate Kentucky to an all converged solution (VBLOCK). During this time I was hyper-exposed to what seemed like the entire Dell catalogue. These things included, Cisco UCS, Nexus Switches, All-flash VMAX, Datadomain, Avamar, VPLEX and much more.

I am currently the Head of Cyber Security Engineering at SpaceX! I started out at SpaceX as a Linux Systems Engineer focusing on Security. After about a year I moved and joined the Information Security team as a Sr. Information Security Engineer. Not long after I was promoted to lead the Security Engineering team at SpaceX, and briefly reported to Elon. Believe me when I say, I couldn't have hoped for a better opportunity to learn and grow. I work with some of the most brilliant and talented individuals in the world. I have a wonderful, and beautiful wife along with 2 dogs whom I adore dearly.

Spreading the message of Peace, Love, And Positivity

I am always looking to expand my network and help in any way possible. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please feel free to contact me! My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

If you stuck with me and read this whole summary, then you deserve some internet points haha. Thanks for the interest! Take care :P