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Extending a Logical Volume in Linux

logical volume extend

You might find yourself needing to extend a logical volume for whatever reason. It is important to know what LVM is and how it works before proceeding. If you are not careful, you can corrupt your disks and potentially render your server unusable. Before we start, we must know what LVM is and understand the concept of LVM. To understand this, I suggest you read the following link as it does an extremely good job of explaining LVM:


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    Disable Ping with IPTables, CSF and the Kernel

    disable ping

    Sometimes it is a good idea to disable ping, for whatever reason. Ping is 2 of 16 parts of the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). Naturally you might think it a good idea to disable ICMP totally, but often times simply disabling ping requests and ping responses is enough. There are many ways to disable Ping – in this entry we will cover three different ways. With IPTables, CSF and with a Kernel parameter.…

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